Creative With Nature Spring Exhibition

A two month exhibition showcasing local artists launching 6th April 2018

The Creative With Nature Spring Exhibition is my *FIRST EVER* exhibition, I am exhibiting as a newbie, along side well established local artists Naomi Neal, Philip Pearson and Laura Barns. After being offered the space last year, several months of hard work went into getting my Organic-Inorganic collection ready and beginning two other collections – Microscope and Telescope.

I was so excited and nervous to launch, and thought to myself if I sell just one piece during the whole exhibition, I’ll be happy and consider it a success. Well its safe to say that it’s been a success and a massive boost to my self confidence as an artist (I’ve only just got used to calling myself an artist), as I’ve sold several pieces since. So thank you, so very much, to everyone who has supported me in one way or another for my first exhibition. The past week and a bit I’ve been busy finishing, framing, preparing gallery replacements and posting work out. There was me thinking I’d get a rest after I’d launched, but actually I’m quite happy that I don’t.


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