Happy First Birthday

Screenshot (4)So Today marks The Stone Sheep Studio’s First Birthday, and what a great first year its been!
This time last year I posted a Facebook status telling friends about my hand printed cards they could buy from Etsy. I had some vague ideas but I wasn’t so sure I could do much more than cards. Truth be told I just didn’t have the confidence to be “an artist”. But I was still proud to just be doing my thing as a “maker”. I know its something many of my artist friends identify with – yes know who you are, and you are *artists*. It’s tough to stand there and say “My name is Rosie, and I’m and artist.” But I can do it now, just about, and I don’t feel like a fraud because I don’t have a fancy degree or a regular paid job. I do however have my “Artistic Practice Licence” which you too can download, edit and print off http://artybollocks.com/#certificate .
So in my first year I’ve done a fair bit and learned a lot as I’ve gone along. Made 100’s of prints, literally put blood, sweat and tears into my work, and even managed to sell quite a few pieces! Had a piece auctioned for charity. Launched my first exhibition, which is still on and going quite well at Creative With Nature, Todmorden. I have two other exhibitions coming up later in the year, one during Todmorden Open Studios when I’ll be back at CWN and another that I’ll publish details for at a later date. I’ve honed (that really is a lame and unintended pun) my lino cut skills, properly found my “style”, and just started to branch out in to screen print.
So what next? Well I’ll be starting work on my new collection of prints very soon: “Pattern Works”, taking inspiration from surface patterns around the world and throughout history and layering, mixing and morphing them into my prints… you’ll see what I mean. Maybe I can work on getting something ticked off my artist’s bucket list; give me a shout if you know a small batch gin producer that’s looking for artwork on their bottles or vinyl record label that’s looking for art work on limited edition LPs <crosses fingers> – that really would be cool. So here’s to another busy year!

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